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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Author Interview & Contest with Naomi Clark

This week author Naomi Clark is stopping by as part of her Dark Hunt Blog Tour!

It is great to have Naomi back on Amberkatze's Book Blog to celebrate her second book in the Urban Wolf Series!

Enjoy reading about some famous Werewolf girls and then enter the contest to win some great swag! Every entrant this week wins! So don't be shy!


Werewolf Gals by Naomi Clark

Although obviously *Ayla Hammond* is my favourite kick-ass werewolf girl, there are some other pretty awesome ones out there. In both book and film, werewolf girls are strong, brave, beautiful, and occasionally cruel. I'm sure all you guys have your own favourites, but these are mine (in no particular order):

*Ivy Cole* – Ivy Cole and the Moon by Gina Farago

A dark, Southern Gothic morality tale with a tough but compassionate heroine. Ivy Cole's grandma always told her that sometimes, some people just need killing, and it's a lesson Ivy has taken to heart. This is an amazing book with a unique perspective on werewolves, and I highly recommend it to fans of both werewolves and horror.

*Laura Greenacre* – Maneater by Thomas Emson

Laura definitely fits in the "cruel" category of werewolf girls. She's more animal than human and operates with a completely different moral code than the rest of the world. And she's fascinating for it. Best of all, Maneater is set in the UK – definitely a bonus for me!

*Ginger Fitzgerald *– Ginger Snaps

Moving to film now, and how can I not mention Ginger Snaps? This is the best modern werewolf film for me, drawing parallels between lycanthropy and STDs, throwing in drugs and high school tension, and all carried along beautifully by Katherine Isabelle, who turns Ginger into a compelling anti-heroine. And a bonus mention for her on-screen sister, B, who makes a damn fine werewolf in her own right in the sequel, Ginger Snaps Unleashed.

*Slyvan Mir *– The Midnight Hunt by LL Raand

Slyvan is a total ass-kicking alpha female. She takes no prisoners and rules her pack with an iron fist. She's not always a sympathetic character, given her hard nature, but she is always exciting to read about. Action and power are probably the two best words to sum her up.

*Luna Wilder* - The Nocturne City books by Caitlin Kittredge.

Not only does Luna have the perfect werewolf name, she's a classic example of the werewolf struggle – nature v civilisation. Luna works for the police and is constantly forced to reign in her animal instincts to do her job effectively. She's also a lone wolf, a character type I have a particular fondness for (as you'll know if you've read the Urban Wolf books!).

There are so many others I could talk about:

*Kitty Norville*, *Elena Michaels*,* Vivian Gandillon*,* Sargeant Angua*...I could go on for days.

But for me, these five are the most memorable. I'd love to hear from everyone else though – are there any werewolf girls I've overlooked?



(*Urban Wolf book 2*)

Ayla Hammond is taking on Paris.

Hoping for a romantic getaway in the City of Lights with her girlfriend, Shannon, she finds a city under the dark thrall of Le Monstre.

Getting caught up in mystery and murder was the last thing Ayla and Shannon expected to find in the City of Love, but as the body count grows and tension rises between Parisian werewolves and humans they find themselves stalked by an unknown terror.

What is Le Monstre and why does it make Ayla's wolf want to turn tail and run? Can it be stopped before they become its next victims?


Naomi Clark lives in Cambridge and is a mild-mannered office worker by day,but a slightly crazed writer by night. She has a perfectly healthy obsession with giant sea creatures and a preference for vodka-based cocktails. When she's not writing, Naomi is probably either reading or watching 80s cartoon shows, and sometimes she manages to do all three at once.

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Contest Time

Naomi is giving away plenty of swag in the DARK HUNT blog tour. There are daily ebook giveaways and hampers of goodies up for grabs at the grand finale of the tour including ebooks, limited DARK HUNT t-shirts, personal horoscopes and tarot readings by Naomi Clark, as well as postcards from Ayla, Shannon, Vince, Joel and Glory (urban wolf series characters).

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Starr K said...

I have to admit that i am always looking for werewolf stories with a strong female werewolf. Kelley Armstrong first turned me on this idea in her Otherworld Series. Naomi Clark has just been added to my "must read" list. SO excited!

starr.k.griggs AT gmail.com

Naomi Clark said...

Kelley Armstrong's werewolf books are amazing. I loved Stolen, particularly.

SandyG265 said...

I've never seen Ginger Snaps. I'll ahve to see if I can get ahold of it.

sgiden at verizon.net

Julie S said...

Sounds like a really interesting series. Were stories can be pretty cool. My favorite are the Shifters series by Rachel Vincent. Enjoy the book tour :)

Amy said...

I like Riley Jensen from the series by Keri Arthur.

I also really like sexy male werewolves. I love that they mate for life and are completely loyal, at least in the series that I read.


Stephanie said...

I love the Wyndham werewolves short stories by MaryJanice Davidson.


Anne said...

THANKS FOR GIVING ME SOME IDEAS FOR OTHER BOOKS TO READ. the only series I've read that you described with a blurb is the Luna Wilder series.

I;m a big fan of Kitty Vaughn and Kelley Armstrong's books. there's also an Australian series by Keri Arthur which features a werewolf/vampire hybrid, Riley Jensen that's very good too.


Naomi Clark said...

I love Rachel Vincent! Keri Arthur too, but I hate Quinn in the Riley Jenson books so I've fallen really behind on those.

Aurian said...

If you want to read about a really evil female werewolf, you should read Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series. Raina was the pack Alpha female, and even death she still haunts Anita.

Lisa Richards/alterlisa said...

Always looking for the next awesome shifter story. Just finished Dani Harper's Changeling books and they were fabulous!


alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

Anonymous said...

I definitely love Ginger Snaps Back!
Such intense atmosphere and beautiful actors.

kattefrue AT gmail DOT com

Audra said...

I love jennifer esteps' elemental assasssin series

heatwave16 said...

Kitty was my first, and holds on as one of my favorite, lady weres.


Victoria said...

Elena was my first female werewolf and I loved her. Got me into all kinds of shifters. Riley is so kickass - gotta love her. Am very interested in your series.
Naomi - What was your first werewolf read and who was your first female wolf?


Naomi Clark said...

Hi, Victoria - I had to think so hard to remember this, but my first proper werewolf reads were Laurell K Hamilton's Anita Blake books. Before that I'd read stuff with werewolves in the background, or with some fantasy version of shapeshifters. But werewolves as I think of them today, that started with Anita Blake.

First female werewolf that I loved (and still read) was probably Kitty Norville.

Ironstrangeprompts said...

I have been having no luck finding were-creature stories so this was a wonderful find.


alainala said...

i love reading shifter stories! would love the chance to win this

alainala AT hotmail DOT ca

annalisa said...

I would have to say that Elena is my favorite strong female werewolf. Ever since I read Bitten many years ago, I have been a fan of Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series. It was always so hard waiting for the next book to be released! I also like the Kitty Norville books by Carrie Vaughn.


Mary Preston said...

I took note of all the great books & authors posted. I really need to read more were & shifter books.

Kathy said...

I love paranormal books be them were, vamp, ghost, or zombie.

Brenda Demko said...

I absolutely love werewolf books. I am always looking for new ones to read. Thanks for the recs.