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Sunday, December 25, 2011

153) All That Bleeds by Kimberly Frost

The Blurb :

As the last heiress of the House of North, Alissa knows that striking up a secret friendship with a half-vampire enforcer is dangerous, but Merrick is a temptation she can't resist. But when Alissa is kidnapped, Merrick proves that he will do anything to protect the woman who tempts him with her very existence.

My Review :

I was extremely happy to see that Kimberly Frost had a new series coming out. I loved her Southern Witch series and I was eager to see what else the author could come up with. I was hoping for something like her previous work and was surprised at how All The Bleeds turned out. It definitely wasn't what I was looking for or expecting but it certainly was a good read.

The Etherlin Series is something completely new and unique. Muses and half vampires are the main paranormals involved but demons and angels are also put in the mix along the way. The Muse aspect alone was enough to keep me reading. It wasn't something I have come across before and I wonder if it has done been done before. It was nice to have something different come my way and I have to give the author kudos for thinking up something just that little bit unusual and special.

The main characters are engaging and brilliant narrators for the story. Alissa is strong and clever while Merrick is mysterious and devious. Their relationship and the way they deal with the events thrown at them makes for action packed, romantic and powerful reading. I enjoyed getting to know them and their circumstances as well as tagging along for the ride as the plot developed. Twists and turns kept things exciting and I found it hard to put down the book all the way through.

Totally different to the Kimberly Frost the fans are used to, All That Bleeds, is more on par with Cynthia Eden's work and is far from the the fun chick-lit paranormal fun of Tammy-Jo's adventures. This book shows a completely new side to Kimberly's talents as a writer and I can't wait to read more about the Etherlin.

All That Bleeds releases on the 3rd of January and you may just want to keep some of that Christmas money or book vouchers to get a copy when it comes out. I don't think you will be disappointed.

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Aurian said...

I did not finish the first book in her Southern Witch series, really disliked the heroine. But I will for sure give this one a try.