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Monday, January 23, 2012

11) Sins of the Demon by Diana Rowland

The Blurb :

The homicide beat in Louisiana isn't just terrifying, it's demonic. Detective Kara Gilligan of the supernatural task force has the ability to summon demons to her aid, but she herself is pledged to serve a demonic lord. And now, people who've hurt Kara in the past are dropping dead for no apparent reason. To clear her name and save both the demon and human worlds, she's in a race against the clock and in a battle for her life that just may take her to hell and back.

My Thoughts :

Amazing! I have to start my review with that just incase I get side tracked by how much I absolutely love this series. I have always liked this series but Kara Gillian and Diana Rowland have really added the sugar to the top in this fourth book. I am in love and can't wait for more.

Ever read the Jenna Black Excorist books? Well this series is my replacement for that but much better. Jenna managed to get me into demons back then but I never really found anything else that met her style and sophisication. However Diana Rowland is now my first port of call for demon delights. Full of fun, mystery and depth this is a series that really knows what it is talking about and doesn't go over the top or ruin things with complicated romances.

Sins of the Demon is the best yet. The other three books were great reads and this series became a must buy because of them but this fourth installment definitely has more bite and something special. This was the super story the last books were paving the way for. Things are getting even more interesting. The foundations have been laid and finally the house is starting to take shape.

I won't go into details about the plot because this is one I really don't want to ruin for anyone. You need to enjoy all the twists, turns and surprises without being pre-warned. However if you haven't started this series yet I suggest you go and catch-up first.

Super style, wonderful characters and a story you can really get your teeth into. I can't wait to see what happens next. I am so there!


Aurian said...

This sure is tempting me to start the series. I just hope it is not a bit horror like ... that cover is repelling me!

Cheryl said...

I love this series and agree it's gotten better with every book. I can't wait to read Sins of the Demon (thanks for not having any spoilers in your review!).