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Friday, January 27, 2012

13) If I Die by Rachel Vincent

The Blurb :

The entire school's talking about the gorgeous new math teacher, Mr. Beck. Everyone except Kaylee Cavanaugh. After all, Kaylee's no ordinary high-school junior. She's a banshee—she screams when someone dies.

But the next scream might be for Kaylee.

Yeah—it's a shock to her, too. So to distract herself, Kaylee's going to save every girl in school. Because that hot new teacher is really an incubus who feeds on the desire of unsuspecting students. The only girls immune to his lure are Kaylee and Sabine, her boyfriend's needy ex-girlfriend. Now the unlikely allies have to get rid of Mr. Beck…before he discovers they aren't quite human, either.

But Kaylee's borrowed lifeline is nearing its end. And those who care about her will do anything to save her life.


My Thoughts :

Soul Screamers number five and I was wondering if the series was going to keep me interested and excited. I liked the last couple of books but they didn't wow me as much as the first two. I did want to buy If I Die as soon as it was released but with so many books to read I decided to add it to my wishlist and hope for it to be under the Christmas Tree. Seems I was good because Santa did bring me this one and it didn't take me long to find a day to read this in.

Well that is a little lie. I nearly finished this book in one day, it was that good, however Sunday run out and Monday came along and was followed by a very long week. This evening I finally sat down and read the last 30 pages and wished I had had time sometime during the week to find out how things ended. It was a spectacular ending to a very emotional and wonderful story.

Knowing you are going to die in a few days must be hard and I can't even start to imagine what runs through ones mind when you know the end is coming. Kaylee handles it surprising well and goes about stopping a nasty paranormal from killing young girls while she is waiting for the inevitable. This isn't to say that she doesn't take her impending death seriously. She manages to make some decisions I didn't see coming and her actions are definitely those of a person who knows that time is running out.

The whole tale was written with the fantastic engaging style that I have come to love and enjoy. Rachel Vincent has an excellent talent and I love what she has done with this series. This book really went above my expectations and I am really excited about the next book. Things are seriously going to get interesting now.

If you haven't tried Rachel Vincent's work and like Young Adult then you really need to give this series a go. It is unique, fresh and well written. If you aren't in to Young Adult but really want a good paranormal read then you need to go look for Rachel's other books. She has some great stories to tell and I love reading them.


Amber Hughes said...

I loved this book! So good! Definitely some "shockers" in this one. I can't wait for the next book.

I also read her adult books (love them). Rachel is one of my favorite authors :-)

Victoria said...

I agree, Rachel is a fantastic writer. I've loved all of her work.

Aurian said...

Great review, and I still have to start reading her work.