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Monday, January 9, 2012

4) The Laughing Corpse : Animator by Laurell K. Hamilton

The Blurb :

Anita Blake is back in the second volume of Marvel's comic adaptation of Laurell K. Hamilton's bestselling series of novels! What would you do for a million dollars? Would you resurrect a two-and-one-half-century old corpse? Harold Gaynor poses just that question to Animator and part-time vampire hunter, Anita Blake... Plus, some crime scenes are even too horrible for a vampire slayer, and the worse they are, the more questions they raise.

My Thoughts :

I gave up on the Anita Blake books a long time ago. They were good at first but like most people, I couldn't put up with the series after the 7th or 8th book. However I have to admit I love the graphic novels. I came across them by accident and they impressed me a lot. It has been a while since I have read one of them but a lazy hour is all you need to enjoy this piece of art.

The story is one I know. The Laughing Corpse is still one of the good books in the series and is only the second book about Anita. Good plot and an exciting storyline this is where we get to know more about an animator's work and what it all entails. So I guess that it is no surprise that this first collection of the comics is called 'Animator'.

However this isn't just about the story. This is about the artwork too. I don't consider myself a graphic novel expert but this for me is one of the best drawn I have seen. The artists have really captured Anita and the whole story well and I enjoy these books because of the super artwork. I have to say I don't see why Jean-Claude is always showing his chest off in this one but I hope later he will manage to do those pesky buttons up.

Well worth checking out if you haven't read the series but want to try. Also a must have item for any Anita fans or graphic novel lovers. These are books to keep or pass on to someone else who will appreciate them.

1 comment:

Mardel said...

LOL - it's to show off his "beautiful marble slabs of muscle" because we all know how exciting it is to look at a completely white as marble chest, that's probably as cold as a corpse! shudder.