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Friday, February 10, 2012

18) Prince of Air and Darkness by Jenna Black

The Blurb :

Hunter Teague is the prince of the Unseelie Court, the dark half of Faerie. Raised in an atmosphere of unspeakable cruelty, Hunter has learned the lessons of his mother, the Queen of Air and Darkness, and he’s ready to put them to use. He’s on a mission, one that will shift the balance of power in Faerie forever: he will seduce the Seelie king’s mortal daughter and sire a child upon her—a child who will be heir to both the Seelie and the Unseelie thrones. Hunter has never met a mortal woman he couldn’t seduce...until now.

Kiera Malone is a self-employed web designer and a self-professed cynic. She doesn’t believe in magic or soulmates, let alone her mother’s ridiculous claims to have slept with the mythical Faerie King. But when Hunter hires her to design a website, Kiera finds herself drawn to him in ways that seem almost magical. He’s gorgeous and sexy as sin, the kind of man any woman would swoon over—but her every instinct warns her there’s something dangerous lurking beneath his charming fa├žade.

To succeed in his mission, Hunter must let himself get closer to Kiera than he ever planned. Soon, he finds himself burdened with the one thing a prince of the Unseelie Court can’t afford: a conscience. Now Hunter must betray either the woman who is slowly working her way into his heart, or the Queen of Air and Darkness...who would destroy him and Kiera both.

My Thoughts :

I am a huge fan of Jenna Black and miss her Morgan Kingsley Series and loved her Guardians of the Night series. While I am not a huge fan of Faerie books I just had to try this book. After all Jenna's Nikki Glass Series debut rocked! Maybe this one would too!

Things started off quite nicely. The story was nice and relaxed but had enough information and character building to keep things interesting. The underlying plot was familiar but not so much that it was boring and it was kind of fun to see things evolve between Hunter and Kiera. The supporting roles were very funny and I felt myself wanting to spend more time with Kiera's mum, her 'dog' and best friend. Definitely people I would love to drink coffee with.

All in all this was a well written, easy and quick read. With some action, great characters and quite a bit of romance. This one got a little hot at times and it was not over the top or too lovey dovey. Which is what I have come to I expect and love when it comes to this author.

I would highly recommend this one to any Jenna Black fans and anyone who likes a good Paranormal romance or Faerie tale. Everything gets tied up by the end so I doubt this is going to be a series and makes for a nice one off read. Definitely a thirst quencher until the next NikKi Glass book comes out in April.

*** Prince of Air and Darkness is only available as in E-book format from Nook or Kindle ***


Brenda Demko said...

Sounds good! Thanks for the post.

Sharon Stogner said...

thanks for the heads up, also if you don't mind me saying..you might want to add a link to amazon. I wanted to go check out the price, but can't find a link...:)

Unknown said...

I would have added a link if I could find it :)

I got the book via the author and when I looked on Amazon I couldn't find it either. It may have something to do with it not being available to me in Europe. Those books usually don't show up.