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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

31) Half-Priced Homicide by Elaine Viets

The Blurb :

At Snapdragon, a high-end designer consignment shop, Helen is at the beck and call of snobby- yet frugal-customers. That alone is a deadly combination, especially with Chrissy, a drool-worthy fashionista who walks in with a purse to sell, and ends up screaming at her husband and another customer.

Helen is used to dealing with snobby women, controlling husbands, and fashionable politicians. But she's about to have to handle a brand new type of unsatisfied customer-a murderer. Chrissy is found dead in Snapdragon's dressing room, with the hand-painted scarf Helen was just holding tied around her neck. And Helen goes from being low on society's totem pole to high on the police's suspect list.

My Thoughts :

I have been enjoying this cozy series ever since I cam across it but seem to have somehow got behind. So when I was looking to save a dusty book from my shelves I couldn't help taking this one. AActually I had forgotten it was even there!

The Dead-End job mysteries are extremely addictive as well as being fun and interesting to read. The author always manages to come up with a super plot and her characters are just a joy to keep up with. this ninth book in the series is no exception and I am left in awe with the author for keeping the series going for so long and keeping it exciting and special.

This time around there was some really fantastic developments concerning Helen and her ex-husband and I seriously can't wait to see what happens next. It is great to see that the author has found a way to bring some kind of closure to that area of the on-going story but has also found another angle to play with.

I certainly won't be waiting long to read the next installment. I only wish this great cozy author would start a more supernatual series. I just love her style and I know she would write a mean paranormal cozy mystery.


Birgit said...

I'm a huge fan of cozy mysteries and I even own two books by the author. One is the first in the Dead End Job Series :-) the other is book four in the Mystery Shopper Series. So far I haven't got around to read either one - so many books, so little time *sigh*.

Aurian said...

This sure is a series for my wishlist! I just wish for more reading time.