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Friday, March 16, 2012

43) Shakespeare's Trollop by Charlaine Harris

The Blurb :

Shakespeare, Arkansas, is home to endless back roads, historic buildings, colorful residents--and the occasional murder. It is also home to Lily Bard, the local karate expert/cleaning woman with a particular knack for finding skeletons in closets.

But when the local woman of ill repute is found murdered, being familiar with her dirty laundry could make Lily the next Shakespearean to die.

My Thoughts :

Well I can't keep away from Shakespeare and the trouble that Lily Bard manages to get herself into. She isn't your usual amateur sleuth. She is a cleaning lady who hears, sees and realises things that nobody else seems to. This time around she finds one of her neighbours dead, in her car, in the woods.

This series is as every bit entertaining as the Sookie Stackhouse novels, also by this author. What they lack in paranormal they make up for in gossip, surprise and mystery. Lily is a strong character and I admire her so much. This time around she makes some bad and good decisions in her life. She also manages to solve a murder.

Of course I read this series a long time ago and hardly remember the plot and it is great to be revisiting the not so quiet town via audio book. I will be starting on the fifth and final book asap and then I have the series done and dusted once again. It has been a great visit and only wish the author would also revisit the series or give Lily a bigger role in the Sookie books instead of the small cameo appearances she has had till now.

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