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Sunday, April 8, 2012

52) Fatlands by Sarah Dunant

The Blurb :

In Fatlands, private investigator Hannah Wolfe, who's independent though not invincible, idealistic but definitely not naive, has taken on one of the less glamorous jobs in the security world -- chaperoning teenage rebel Mattie Shepherd around London. But Mattie's father is paying Hannah lots of money -- more than the job is worth, it seems. Or perhaps not. The girl's father is on the Animal Liberation Front's hit list. But why? When violence explodes, tearing the family apart, this is what Hannah must discover. Her obsession with the truth nearly kills her, wrecking her private life and dragging her into a vortex of lies and betrayal.

My Thoughts :

I mainly stick to Paranormal books but I do own lots of other books from various genres that are gathering dust on my bookshelf. This weekend I am taking part in a Read-a-thon and I decided it was time to help some of those poor books see the light of day again. Not having read a good non paranormal crime/mystery in some time I decided it wouldn't hurt me to do so. Unfortunately I read this book thinking it was the first in the series when it was actually the second. Not that it really made much difference but if you like to read things in order then please note my mistake ;)

Anyway, as mysteries go this was a good one. The author did a brilliant job of getting me interested and then making me go 'oh my' when the crime actually happened. I, like Hannah Wolfe, totally didn't see it coming until the last moment and it was too late to help the victim. Then I was too interested in finding out who did it to worry about anything else.

I really enjoyed this one and despite the fact it is about 20 years old it didn't show its age. I will, at some point, read the other two books I have from this series. This is the kind of mystery I like with a good strong female detective who knows what she is doing.

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