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Saturday, April 21, 2012

60) A Deadly Cliché by Ellery Adams

The Blurb :

While walking her poodle, Olivia Limoges discovers a dead body buried in the sand. Could it be connected to the bizarre burglaries plaguing Oyster Bay, North Carolina? At every crime scene, the thieves set up odd tableaus: a stick of butter with a knife through it, dolls with silver spoons in their mouths, a deck of cards with a missing queen. Olivia realizes each setup represents a cliché. And who better to decode the cliché clues than her Bayside Book Writers group?

My Thoughts :

I really enjoyed the first book in this series, A Killer Plot, and looked forward to going back to the Bay and catching up with Olivia. It has taken me longer than expected to pick up this sequel and it was extremely nice to start this without feeling lost. I was instantly reminded of the characters and area which was a welcome change. Instead of spending a few chapters to orienteer myself I could relax and enjoy this cozy mystery.

There were two mysteries for Olivia to solve in this packed cozy. One was about a bunch of bulgaries in Oyster Bay but she had some help with the sleuth work. The other mystery was a more personal one. A very interesting letter and the chance to see her dad again brings Olivia into a little distress seeing as her dad is supposed to be dead. This angle of the story really showed Olivia at her most emotional which wasn't much for the leading lady. She manages to keep herself composed at all times. However the twists in this area of the plot made the book rather addicting.

All in all I have to say I like this series. A second good cozy mystery makes me want to grab the third straight away. This may not be fast paced but it is full with so many other gems of information and exciting angles. Olivia and her dog are great company and the other characters are ones I really want to keep visiting. So if you like a good cozy you can't go wrong with a trip to Oyster Bay

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Aurian said...

Nice review Amber, I read this book (and the third one) a few weeks ago, and really loved it. Don't wait so long for reading the third book.