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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Guest Blog from Tony-Paul de Vissage

Hope you are all having a great week! Reading some good books and enjoying the weather...whatever April is serving you up in your part of the world!

I have a little mid-week treat for you! Author Tony-Paul de Vissage was nice enough to send me a guest blog for you all to read about his book, When the Night Man Cometh.

Enjoy the guest blog and make sure you check out Tony's books!


When the Night Man Cometh, Death is Close Behind

Limousin, France, 1249 AD: In one night, Damian La Croix loses his life and his soul as he willingly choses Undeath rather than perish of the Plague. The Black Death strikes and Damian doesn’t want to die. He wants to live, to marry his betrothed Antoinette, to love her, and when he chances upon a vampire struggling to find a victim in the charnal pit of the dying village, he sees a way to escape the Plague and have Antoinette, too. His payment for immortality: the lives of everyone on his father’s estate—agrees. Then something goes wrong. Antoinette and LeMaitre betray him and Damian strikes back, killing both his beloved and his sire. He doesn’t hesitate; it’s self-defense, and that starts the Night Man on his long, lonely trek through Time, for he still seeks someone to love. Not a reincarnation of the unfaithful Antoinette, but simply a woman who’ll accept him for who he is…in spite of what he is.

Damian is a “traditional” vampire, that creature emerging again into current literature. No longer the anguished seeker of human acceptance, of finding love and nothing more; no sparkly, benign, adolescent-appearing male wavering between turning the girl he’s attracted to and giving in to his bestial nature, not waging war with werewolves or his own kind; no pair of Undead sibling rivals who’ve loved the same woman in the Past and now are committing the same mistake in the Present… A protagonist more Prince Drakula than Stefan Salvatore or Edward Cullen, this Undead gentleman is sometimes no gentleman. He can be cruel and seductive by turns, blood-lusting or just plain lusting...a ravaging beast or a ravenous lover. If he can’t get what he wants one way, he’ll get it another…no holds barred…

In fact, he’s loving every moment of his Immortal existence with no apology, and reveling in it with handsome head held high.

Like the vampires of old, Damian is unrepentant and irreverent; he revels in his immortality, lording it over the poor, weak humans who are so frail they barely last out their fourscore and one. It would’ve been easy to make him into a villain, but in spite of his blatant superiority, for Damian has a fatal flaw. He’s sworn never to force anyone to follow him through the centuries; the woman he loves has to come willingly, and perhaps because of that, he’s been alone for three thousand years now. They swear they love him, but…at the last moment, every one changes her mind and chooses mortal death over immortality.

The Night Man Cometh is available from Class Act Books, in ebook and print versions!


Nightingale said...

I have read TVP's works before and I love Nightman the best. If you want a rollercoaster ride of a novel that will keep you turning the pages, I recommend this book--in fact whatever you want from a great read!

Barbara Monajem said...

I've read some of Tony-Paul's stories, too -- they're great, full of unexpected twists and turns. :)

blcsdina said...

Sounds very interesting. The video is terrific. It's on my TBR list. Dina Rae

Aurian said...

This sounds different, and futuristic if he is 3000 years old. I'd like to read that.
auriansbooks at gmail dot com

Mary Marvella said...

Tony-Paul has the kind of imagination I'd like to borrow.