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Monday, May 14, 2012

72) Let Them Eat Stake by Sarah Zettel

The Blurb :

It's a dream for a "Vampire Chef"-cater the high-profile wedding of a 200-year-old vampire and a wealthy witch. So why did celebrity chef Oscar Simmons walk away from this gig? Charlotte agrees to take his place, even though she knows this event, thrown by power-hungry vampires and witches, could make (or break) her career, her restaurant, and her life. But when Simmons turns up dead, the groom's family starts vanishing, and the police start asking pointed questions, Charlotte fears she may have picked the wrong wedding to stake her reputation on...

My Thoughts :

I enjoy a good cozy mystery and if they have a paranormal theme I love them even more. So when I came across the Vampire Chef series last year I was excited because not only was there another new paranormal cozy series but the theme also included food! I liked the debut, A Taste of the Nightlife, and couldn't wait to see what the author came up with for the sequel. I was pleasantly surprised with the results and hope there will be more books in the series.

The characters are strong and the concept is new. The paranormal side of things is not too over developed but fits in nicely to the whole scheme of things. I loved reading about the preparation and actual way the kitchen worked, this helped give the chef aspect of the story depth as well as the lovely dishes that were talked about. All in all the blend of paranormal/cooking and mystery really comes together to make for great reading. A definite must read for any cozy or paranormal lovers.

Last time around I had some problems with the names of the characters but this time around that wasn't as confusing. I did however have some problems keeping up with who was who and what they had done. At some points I found myself flicking back a page or two and reading certain parts again to make sure I hadn't missed something. This isn't a thing I like doing but I wanted to keep up with the plot which was really good.

The Vampire Chef series stays on my must read list and I hope another book will come along soon. I do like Chef Caine and really look forward to finding out how things pan out with her love life and her restaurant, Nightlife. A nice read and one I feel I can recommend. Give it a try!


Vampire Chef Mysteries

#1 - A Taste of the Nightlife
#2 - Let Them Eat Stake

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Victoria said...

These books look like so much fun to read. And the titles are fantastic! Thank you.

Nancy said...

I about tripped over myself getting to the first in the series, and I read LET THEM EAT STAKE last week. Love the concept, love the characters, love the books! Thanks for the review, Amber!

Nancy Haddock