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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Books, Books and more Books!

I have loads of books to read. Don't we all? :) So I have been really hard on myself lately and have only bought certain new releases. However With the help of Pixel of Ink I have loads of free Kindle books now gathering digital dust. I try not to even think about the huge amount of real books taking up space on my bookshelves. At least I get some of these read when I take part in a Read-a-thon.

Despite all these books I still have a huge wishlist on Amazon which I try not to buy anything from. Also I have a 'To be released' wishlist that never seems to stop growing!

Do you have the same problem? Have you got more lists than me? Maybe you think I am missing something from my lists? ;). Share your reading addiction problems here :)

Oh...here is my pre-order list :


Birgit said...

That was one of the main points of my bookish New Year's resolutions ... not just a book buying ban for the first six months (still going strong, woohoo), but even more so ... NO downloading of free eBooks!
Granted, they don't take away any space, but the sheer number is daunting and I have no clue when I will ever find the time to read them all. Somehow the physical books are simply more "obvious" thus they are the first I'll grab pretty much "forgetting" that I've got plenty of digital books to read as well.
As to my wish list - oddly enough I haven't been adding much despite my ban. In fact I just went through the list and did a lil' purge that shrunk my wishlist to an amazingly small size (I think I've got maybe 25 books on it now). That's nothing compared to my 400 unread books *cough*.

JenM said...

My (unread) free book folder on my Kindle now stands at 340. On top of that, I've got at least 150 more unread that I paid for (although in my defense, many of them were picked up on sale at $1.99 or $2.99). It's an addiction. I'm not even going to talk about my physical book stack. I don't know how this is possible, and I swear I haven't cheated, but I've been on a $50/mo book budget for two years now and I still have managed to build up 600+ books on my TBR pile. Help me, I'm drowning in books LOL.

Diane said...

I ave 3 pages of wishlist books on Amazon and on Chapters too; then my tbr books are at around 100 books or so now. Since I keep buying and not keeping up with my reading it just grows and grows!

Unknown said...

It is really nice to hear I am not the only one ;)