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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

90) Carina Press Presents: Editor's Choice Volume II by Various

The Blurb :

In honor of our second anniversary, Carina Press brings you four gripping novellas by some of genre fiction's hottest voices! Explore interstellar space, get caught up in a caper, dabble in the paranormal and solve a murder aboard a cruise ship in this collection of stories reflecting the variety of our books!

My Thoughts :

This book consists of four novellas. The one reason I decided to pick this one up was because of the Janni Nell story inside. I am really enjoying her Allegra Fairweather Paranormal series and didn't want to miss out on the short story included in this volume. So I decided to give the book a try and see what else Carina Press has on offer.

Dead Calm by Shirley Wells was the first story in the anthology. A nice easy mystery this seemed to be more of a 'I went on a cruise like this once' and want to use the experience in a book attempt than a real plot. However I have to say I didn't really think it was that bad. I wouldn't have read the story to the end if I wasn't interested. The actual mystery was intriguing and I was pretty baffled until the end. Not bad and I may even try this author again.

The one I wanted to read was up next. Dance of Flames by Janni Nell is set in her Allegra Fairweather series and I have been looking forward to another installment. This short offering wasn't as amazing as the previous full length books but I still enjoyed it. I would have liked to have more Caspar but the presence of Allegra's family kept me, and her, busy. Definitely a series worth reading!

No Money Down by Julie Moffett was the third story in the book and I was pleasantly surprised by it. More of a mystery/thriller with some nice geek like comedy involved it reminded me a little of the Stephanie Plum but with higher I.Q's involved. This is also a series I could see myself enjoying if I had the reading time to check it out.

The last story in the book was Pyro Canyon by Robert Appleton. A total Sci-fi story which is not my thing. Don't get me wrong. I love watching the genre but books about it just give me a headache. The technical cool aspects of this genre is much easier to see and understand on TV than imagining how the author expects the tech to work. Despite to say this story was a speed read for me and not much of it really stood out.

All in all this volume wasn't a bad read. I got to catch up with a series I am enjoying and find two other authors I wouldn't mind reading again in the future.

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