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Saturday, June 30, 2012

93) Anybody Out There? by Maria Keyes

The Blurb :

Life is perfect for Anna Walsh. She has the "Best Job in the World" as a PR exec for a top-selling urban beauty brand, a lovely apartment in New York, and a perfect husband — the love of her life, Aidan Maddox. Until the morning she wakes up in her mammy's living room in Dublin with her face in stitches, a dislocated knee, and completely smashed-up hands — and no memory of how she got there. While her mammy plays nursemaid, Anna tries to get better and keeps wondering why Aidan won't return her phone calls or emails.

Recuperating from her injuries, a mystified Anna returns to Manhattan. Slowly beginning to remember what happened, she sets off on a search to find Aidan — a hilarious quest involving lilies (she can't stop smelling them), psychics, mediums, and anyone there who can promise her a reunion with her beloved...

My Thoughts :

I wanted a new auiobook to listen to and because I enjoyed the last chick-lit I listened to I decided to go back and check out another author I really enjoy. Marian Keyes has this amazing series about the Walsh Family and I have read all of them. However I thought I hadn't read this one and downloaded it. Unfortunately within minutes of starting the book I realised I had already read this one. It didn't stop me from enjoying it though.

The whole reason for Anna's accident and why her husband won't answer her calls leaves the reader guessing from the first few paragraphs. You instantly want to know what happened. I of course knew straight away but I remember back when I read this one that I was totally surprised about the reason.

What happens in this book is amazing. I loved the story and laughed out loud at the Walsh Family antics. Despite everything that goes on with Anna's life she always has this funny and amusing family and workplace. I couldn't get enough of it and found myself listening to the whole audio book in record time.

The narrator for this book was really good. I loved her Irish accent and she captured all the characters well. The audio book was well worth listening to but I wish they hadn't bothered to read out the email addresses every time. I now know them off by heart.

Marian Keyes is amazing and one of only a few chick-lit authors I still bother with. I can't wait for the next Walsh family story and will definitely be checking it out on Audio.

1 comment:

Evie said...

I love her books too! Even though they're chick-lits, her book are not predictable and they're so funny :)