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Monday, July 2, 2012

94) Bane by Trish Milburn

Blurb :

To protect those she loves from herself, Jax will leave them all behind. She'll risk everything in a desperate search for answers.

Jax Pherson fled the darkest of covens and from her own father's evil. For a brief moment, her courage was rewarded. She found everything she'd ever wanted. A normal life. An amazing boyfriend. An envy-worthy best friend .

But her past put them all in danger, forcing a confrontation with the dark covens. In a life-and-death battle to save those she loved from the covens, Jax gained staggering power. Power so intense, so dangerous, she fears the darkness that now dwells inside her like a living thing.

If she can't control the power, she may yet become as evil as the witches she conquered.

With her friend Egan, Jax leaves all she's built and heads for the one place that might hold the answers she desperately needs to hold back the darkness-Salem, Massachusetts. Her research unearths a shocking discovery: the Bane, a secret group of witches dedicated to thwarting the covens.

Jax desperately needs their help in her fight against the covens, but finding the Bane is easier said than done and takes all her skills and courage. As Jax gets closer, her dark powers begin to rise and control her actions. If she succumbs to the darkness, Jax may have as much to fear from the Bane as the evil covens and the determined hunter on her trail.

My Thoughts :

After enjoying the first book in the Coven series, White Witch, I was interested in seeing what this second book would offer. I was curious to see what the author did with the series especially after taking the main characters away from their partners. Would they survive? Moan and groan all the time about missing them? or would she find a way to bring them together again. I was sure about the latter happening.

Bane made a good start and I was interested in what Jax and Egan were researching in Salem and what they would find out. It was nice to meet some new characters, magic and witches got talked about and it seemed something was happening connected to the youngsters. However it began to bore me. For some reason it suddenly started to feel like nothing was happening. The people were plodding along and repeating the story I already knew. Nothing exciting really happened and I lost interest.

This sequel turned out to be disappointing and I have to say I doubt I will try the third part. I didn't feel anything for the characters this time around and the special and unusual aspect of the witches and their powers lost its wow factor. I am sure that this book will hold more attraction to the YA readers it is aimed at but this time around I was left bored and uninterested.

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Aurian said...

O dear, the dreaded second book in a series syndrome. Sorry you are so disappointed in it. But it won't be making my wishlist.