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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Contest Reminder - Suzanne McLeod

My author guest this week is the wonderful Suzanne McLeod!

Her fourth Spellcrackers book is out now! The Shifting Price of Prey is not to be missed and if you haven't already read the series then you need to catch up! Loads is going on!!!!

Suzanne sent me a lovely guest blog that I hope you have already read! But did you enter the contest? Suzanne is giving away a copy of The Shifting Price of Prey! The comments you guys have made so far are, as always, super! Keep them coming! You only have till Sunday to enter!

Want to know about the series and read sample chapters of Suzanne's books? Make sure you go here!

Oh and keep a look out for the monthly giveaway! It is coming up soon!


#1 - The Sweet Scent Of Blood
#2 - The Cold Kiss of Death
#3 - The Bitter Seed of Magic
#4 - The Shifting Price of Prey

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