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Saturday, September 1, 2012

126) In a Witch's Wardrobe by Juliet Blackwell

The Blurb :

Lily Ivory is living her dream of owning a vintage clothing store—and practicing magic on the side. But when she encounters a sinister sleeping spell, Lily comes face-to-face with a nightmarish evil…

Taking a night off from running her successful San Francisco clothing store, Lily attends a local art deco ball where vintage fashions steal the show. But when a young woman at the event falls under a mysterious sleeping sickness, Lily senses that a curse was placed on the woman’s corsage.

Before Lily can solve the woman’s magical ailment, she’s asked to assist in investigating a string of poisonings in the Bay Area witchcraft community. She’s gained the trust of the local covens by supporting women’s charities through her clothing store. But soon, Lily suspects that one of her new acquaintances might not be so well intentioned and could be dabbling in dark magic and deadly botany…

My Thoughts :

This latest Witchcraft Mystery, In a Witch's Wardrobe, was actually a pre-order that has been lying in wait for me on my Kindle since it came out. I have been dying to read it ever since it arrived (like many other books I have) but with other books due for review I have had to wait to read some of the new releases I have. However this week I needed something a bit more relaxing and this was the one I chose. It was perfect and I managed to get it read in a day.

I have been following this series since the beginning and I have to say it is really starting to evolve. Four books in and I am really getting the feeling that not only Lily, but also the author, are at ease with the way the series is developing and with the powers the main character has. Also the nice group of characters in this series are really making the on-going story really interesting and special. The pot-belly familiar just being one of a few extras, who not only adds a nice charm to the series, but also a little giggle here and there.

The plot this time around, was once again, one I couldn't put down. The botanical angle had me itching for more information and I really liked the mirror spookiness. It was interesting to see what route Lily took in her eagerness to help somebody she didn't really know. Her abilities were practically the only thing connecting her to the case but she took the time and helped anyway. Such a great character, one you can admire.

This cozy mystery series has got to be one of my favourites. Actually any with a paranormal aspect are top of my must have list and this witchy twist really is a winner. The author managed to keep me guessing till the end and added some amazing magical content. A must read for me and one I must highly recommend witch and mystery fans try.

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JenM said...

Thanks for this review. I've been following this series and I found the previous book to be a bit slow, so I was debating whether I should get this one. I think it will give it try.

Aurian said...

Great review, I need to catch up with this series!