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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Guest Blog & Contest with Authot Terri Garey

Author Terri Garey has become a regular guest on Amberkatze's Book Blog and her visits always seem to around Halloween. Coincidence? :)

Terri loves Halloween and she goes all out every year. I love hearing about her holiday and she always has a book out near the date in question. This year she has a short story inside a Halloween anthology called BLOOD BY MOONLIGHT with authors Jocelynn Drake and Caris Roane.

Want to win a copy? Read Terri's guest blog about Halloween and then make sure you enter the contest using the widget below.

Oh and enjoy the Blood by Moonlight Game!


Hi, Amber! Thanks for having me back for my annual Halloween visit to your blog! :)

Halloween is only three days away, and I’m almost done with the decorating at my house… the front yard is filled with tombstones and creepy creatures of all different sorts, there are carved pumpkins by the door and cobwebs in the windows, the fog machines are ready to fog and the strobe lights are ready to strobe. Why do I – and so many others – love Halloween so much? What it is about that spooky little shiver down our spine that we find so compelling?

Look back over your own life, and try to remember your earliest spooky memory… watching a scary movie during a sleepover? Trying out a Ouija board with your best friend? When was the last time you had a scary Halloween adventure, hm?

To celebrate the release of BLOOD BY MOONLIGHT, a Halloween anthology with fellow paranormal authors Jocelynn Drake and Caris Roane, I’m offering YOU the chance to have a little Halloween fun of this year, without ever leaving your computer!

Pop on over to my website, and find out what may (or may not) happen if you were to wake up alone in the woods on Halloween night? What kind of creatures might you find lurking in those woods, maybe searching for a little “blood by moonlight”?

Only one way to find out… head on over and

Thanks for having me, Amber, and remember, ‘tis the season to be scary, so have a safe and fun Halloween!

Click to play the Blood By Moonlight Game!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Spooky plants like Moonflower, Black Dragon Coleus, Dragon Tree Dracaena and the mysterious "Sensitive" plant, grown in a creepily decorative little container complete with tombstone stakes, blood rocks, skulls and spiders!

Go ahead, enter! Winner will be announced on (when else?) October 31, 2012!!

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1 comment:

IYamVixen2 said...

I have Dragonblood sedum in the front and back garden.
I, too, love Halloween. We have the outside decorated, but I can see where we need to get more tombstones and skeletons. Maybe a witch. I have a favorite decoration I've done every year since moving to Colorado. We stuff a pair of overalls and flannel or denim shirt and put him on the front porch. He has a skeleton head and hands and startles even me some nights when I come home from a swing shift. The porch light shines right over him and it's a pretty cool effect. I finally figured out the spiderweb effect and this year's is pretty cool.