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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

156) The Dark Lifer's Revenge by Linda Joy Singleton

The Blurb :

After getting kicked out of school and sent to live with her grandmother, Sabine Rose tried to ignore her troublemaking psychic abilities. All she wanted was to be a normal teen. But the spirit world has other plans for her.

Amber Borden is a high school student and aspiring talent agent with an unexpected side-job: she’s a Temp Lifer. By temporarily stepping into the bodies of people who are suffering, Amber navigates their daily lives and tries to fix their problems. Luckily her loyal boyfriend, Eli, has been very supportive—even during that freaky time when Amber inhabited his sister’s body.

When Sabine’s boyfriend, Dominic, loses his own body to a revenge-obsessed Dark Lifer—one of the disturbed souls who “borrow” living people’s bodies to do their dirty work—Sabine goes to Amber for help. Working together to find and free Dominic, the girls begin to unravel the Dark Lifer’s twisted plan of vengeance. But it throws them directly into the path of the troubled soul’s murderous rage.

My Thoughts :

I have been enjoying the Seer series and eyeing up the Dead Girl series so it was only natural that this short story combining both would appeal to me. However it was clear to me almost instantly that maybe I should have put off reading this novella until I had finished the Seer series. There are some spoilers for anyone who hasn't, like myself, finished the series.

Despite having something revealed to me, that I saw coming but yet didn't know, I did enjoy catching up with Sabine and getting to know Amber. The insight to the series has given me a taste for what the Dead Girl is all about. I like what I read and will definitely be moving on to this series after I have finished reading Sabine's story.

A nice short story with a good plot that, as with most novellas, was over way too fast. A must read for anyone who has read either of the series and a great way to see what all the fuss is about. Of course the story gives away a couple of pieces of the main story lines but it isn't anything that you wouldn't have seen coming.

I liked this one and look forward to finishing my visit with Sabine so I can go visit Amber some more. Linda Joy Singleton really has a good writing style and one you may want to introduce to that younger reader in your life.

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