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Saturday, January 19, 2013

9) Ice Shards by Yasmine Galenorn

The Blurb :

Finnish house sprite Iris Kuusi has fallen in love again. But she is carrying a dark secret. Now, she must journey to the frozen Northlands to confront the shadow of her former lover who haunts her dreams, and to discover, once and for all, whether she actually committed the horrible crime for which she was cast out. Only by breaking a curse she's been under since her youth, can she free herself to embrace the love waiting for her at home.

My Thoughts :

Ice Shards is a short story from the Hexed Anthology. Set in the Sisters of the Moon series it tells the story of Iris and her trip to prove her innocence. It has been hundreds of years since the house sprite ran away from her old life and started anew. For readers of the series it is a chance to get to know Iris better and to also find out her secrets.

The story was well written and very detailed for a short story. However I didn't really think I got to know Iris as well as I expected. The plot while well thought out did spend most of the time building up to Iris coming up against her own personal demon but the part where she finally beats it is over quickly.

It was nice to travel with Iris, Camille and the rest of the crew but it wasn't a very satisfying story. Maybe because I knew (this story takes place a few books back) what the conclusion to the story was. After all the author points out what Iris could gain from proving her innocence and I knew she already had reached this goal.

The surprise in this novella was the even shorter story, Shattered, inside this special e-book release. The story is about Menolly and what happens when she arrives home after being made a vampire. Quick but impressive this was the story I enjoyed the most from both in this small collection.

Worth checking out if you are a fan of the series and didn't invest in Hex. It is nice to find out more about the characters backgrounds and see how well the author has planned the whole series.

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