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Monday, February 4, 2013

14) The Julius House by Charlaine Harris

The Blurb :

Love at first sight turns into newlywed bliss for former librarian Aurora Teagarden- until violence cuts the honeymoon short.

Wealthy businessman Martin Bartell gives Roe exactly what she wants for their wedding: Julius House. But both the house and Martin come with murky pasts. And when Roe is attacked by an ax-wielding maniac, she realizes that the secrets inside her four walls-and her brand-new marriage-could destroy her.

My Thoughts :

From the title of the book it was obvious what mystery would hopefully be solved in this fourth Aurora Teagarden book. The Julius House was mentioned in book #3 and I remember Aurora moving to the Julius House. I just couldn't remember where the bodies were hidden and the twist in the tale.

I enjoyed every minute of the fourth book with its detailed build up to the wedding and renovation of the Julius House. The Youngblood's added some entertainment and Martin's 'secret life' did too. All in all another spectacular mystery from a super author. Well planned out to the last detail with a lovely leading lady.

Revisiting this series on Audio has turned out to be a very good idea. The narrator is marvelous and I have found myself opting to listen to my book rather than read one. Now I wish I had #5 handy to listen to but I think I will take a break and listen to something else and wait for my next Audible credit to come along. However I will definitely be catching up with Aurora again very very soon!

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