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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

28) Lunatic Detective by Sharon Sala

The Blurb :

As Tara and Flynn are closing in on Dee Dee Broyles' killer, a deadly new ghost begins to threaten them. It's just another day in Tara's lunatic life . . .

All during the day at school, Tara kept picturing the moment when she and Nate would find DeeDee's grave. Even the classes she had with Flynn, who made everything fun, never seemed to end. By the time the last bell rang, she was fired up like a roman candle on the Fourth of July. She bolted from her seat, made a quick stop at her locker, and slipped out a side door instead of taking the front, knowing full well she was going to miss seeing Flynn. She didn't have time to delay or explain, and she had a feeling he wouldn't be all that thrilled in what she was doing. He was pretty cool about her psychic stuff, but digging for bodies fell way out of the realm of normal-even for her.

My Review :

I read the first book in this series quite a while ago and I really wanted to read this sequel when it was released. However the price put me off a little. For a Young Adult book with under 200 pages it was more expensive than a normal full length novel. However I got a copy as a gift and couldn't wait to read it. It is such a shame I didn't read this earlier. It was just as good as the debut!

Actually it may have even been better than the first book, My Lunatic Life. Don't be put off by the strange title, the not so special cover or the fact that this is Young Adult. The young girl in question is very mature for her age and nothing really teenagy silly is going on. After all Tara can talk and see ghosts. She is also psychic.

A wonderful comination of skills and a very nice leading character makes this series a great find. I doubt many people would come across the book on their own and it was only due to me reviewing the first in the series that I came across it. How glad am I that I did! You have ghosts, mystery and murder with some very cool characters involved. I loved the first book and read this second one within a couple of hours. It was just so good.

Well worth trying if you like any of the elements I have mentioned. Maybe you have a special young reader in your life you can share this book with. Although I think adults just as much. I will be getting a copy of the third book in the series very soon. There was a little cliffhanger at the end of this second book and I really want to know what it all means.

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Aurian said...

Sure sounds good! But I agree, it happens more often lately that I really want to buy a book, and don't do it because of the price.