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Thursday, February 28, 2013

30) Dead Suite by Wendy Roberts

The Blurb :

Crime scene cleaner Sadie Novak has been blessed with the gift of second sight. But with ghosts of murder victims always popping up when she’s trying to work, her blessing sometimes seems more like a curse…

With business slow, her mortgage payment looming, and her relationship with on-again off-again boyfriend Zack somewhere in limbo, Sadie could use a drink and a little rejuvenating R&R. But when women start getting killed in fancy hotels, Sadie suddenly finds herself back to work and her business back in the black.

Posh hotels are much nicer accommodations than her usual crime scenes, but soon perks turn to peril and Sadie gets caught in the killer’s web. Now, Sadie has to figure out the identity of the Seattle Slasher, before he comes for her next…

My Review :

Four years have passed since a book was released in the Ghost Dusters series. For four years I have checked for a new installment. So when the series popped into my head again (got a movie about cleaning crime scenes) a few weeks ago I went over to Amazon and saw there was a new book coming out! I couldn't believe it! And even better the book was due out so soon! I pre-ordered it straight away and when it arrived on my Kindle the other day I couldn't wait to start it.

You would think that after all this time I would have forgotten a lot about the characters and concept but it all came back to me straight away. I can only say that the series is just too good to forget! After all a crime scene cleaner who can see ghosts isn't a normal concept and the unusual aspects to this series really make it memorable.

This fourth book was a pleasure to read and I really enjoyed the mystery. I even thought I knew who the bad guy was a few times and at the end it came to light that I was right although I hadn't figured out how and why. The interesting and exciting trip to the conclusion was full of intrigue and clues. I enjoyed every chapter and the ghosts make it just that little bit more enjoyable. The crime scene clean-up angle was, as always, informative and bloody.

I have no idea why it took so long for this fourth book to be released but I am overjoyed about the return of the series. The fifth book is due out in May and I have already pre-ordered my copy. A cozy mystery with a good paranormal twist this is one enjoyable read and one I can highly recommend.

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Aurian said...

I haven't read about this series yet, but it does sound good. I will just skip the gory details I think.