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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Author Guest Spot & Contest : Marlene Perez!

I am a huge fan of Marlene Perez's books so it is only fair that I share some insight to her new release. Strange Fates!

Enjoy reading about Strange Fates and hopefully you will take the time to give the book a read!

Oh and don't forget to enter the contest!  Marlene is giving away some cool stuff to one lucky winner!  Check out the details below!


Nyx Fortuna from Marlene Perez's STRANGE FATES spends his whole life tempting fate. He's been ont he run from his Aunts. He's trying to find what little is left of his mother and of his life. It won't be easy but fortune favors the bold...

Nyx Fortuna knows how to tempt fate, how to keep running, how to stay alive. But its your aunts trying to kill you, it gives a whole new meaning to family feud.

Nyx Fortuna, the main character in Strange Fates, has been on the run from his aunts for two hundred years. He was the first male born in the Wyrd line and a prophecy predicted that the first male in the line would bring about the fall of the Fates, his aunts. Nyx is an immortal, unable to age or be killed, because his mother stole his thread of fate and hid it, which prevented his aunts from killing him. Nyx is sure that his thread of fate is hidden in his mother’s charms and is searching for a black cat carved from Indian ebony, the little coral fish, an emerald frog, a diamond-studded key, a miniature book, an ivory wheel of fortune, and a horseshoe made of moonstones.

The aunts sent their Tracker after Nyx and his mother, Lady Fortuna, the 4th and forgotten Fate. When the Fates found them, they killed his mother. Since then, Nyx has traveled the world alone, searching for answers and hiding from his aunts and their Tracker.

When Strange Fates begins, Nyx has discovered his aunts are living in a magical version of Minneapolis, where they still wreak havoc upon the lives of the magical and the mortal. He goes to Minneapolis to seek revenge upon his aunts for his mother’s death and to find his hidden thread of fate and cut it, which would end his long and lonely life. Will he succeed? Fortune favors the bold.

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Contest Time!

And don't miss a chance to enter to win Tarot card pack signed by author,
Nyx’s charms &ebook of her latest book, STRANGE FATES.

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Laura said...

So excited for this book!

Bethany C. said...

This one! Also maybe Seanan McGuire's latest.

Pam P said...

Ok, Nyx has caught my attention, going over to the website to find out more.

Pamk said...

sounds like a great read.