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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

15) Wuthering Frights by H.P. Mallory

The Blurb :

A father she never knew existed,
An impossible decision that had to be made,
A lie she must keep to herself at all costs,
And the realization that every choice she makes has consequences.

Fairy and law enforcement agent, Dulcie O'Neil, has just discovered that her father is the Head of the Netherworld, and a double-dealing, illegal potions importer. Worse yet, she's now working for him.

Knight Vander, Dulcie's boyfriend and Head of the Association of Netherworld Creatures, is on to her father, but, in the process, will he discover Dulcie's secret? And if he does, will it mean his life?

My Thoughts :

I have been eagerly awaiting the audible release of this fourth part in the Dulcie O'Neil series. After visiting the first three books via audiobook I wanted to keep going along that route. However it seems the rest of the series is taking some time finding its way on to audio. A real pain if you ask me! I have been quite tempted to get copies of the book instead but I already have so much to read (yeah...don't we all!) and liked the narrator so much. Actually it was a little strange listening to this audio book at first because it was the same narrator that read the previous audios I listened to (Aurora Teagarden Series)!

To the story...well it wasn't a bad one. The plot was slightly predictable but the content was good. Actually some parts were very hot and steamy. I don't remember the previous books being so sexy but this one definitely heated up at the beginning and the end. All the characters I have come to know and love all made an appearance but I felt that Dulcie's friends were not around much. I really would have enjoyed getting to know them better.

This wasn't the best book so far in the series but it was still very enjoyable. I don't feel like Dulcie got a very good deal out of this installment and the ending left things, once again, with a cliffhanger. Not much took me by surprise in this one and there were only moments of 'of course' instead of 'I didn't see that coming'. Despite this I still finished the book in record time.

Now I have to wait for book #5 to release on Audio. I refuse to turn to the books but I hope the wait isn't too long. I have to know what comes next and ultimately I would like to see where Dulcie and Knight's relationship ends up. It is taking some pretty heavy bumps and it looks like it is over for the two of them (please post no spoilers if you have read the next two books!) but I am pretty confident that before the series ends they will be living happily ever after.

If you like a nice mystery/romance with a good huge helping of the paranormal then you really should check out this series. I find the concept very interesting with some good use of fantasy creatures. I look forward to seeing what other books this author has to offer but right now I want to get this series finished off. I do wonder what will happen to Dulcie next!


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