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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

46) Kitty Rocks the House by Carrie Vaughn

The Blurb :

On the heels of Kitty's return from London, a new werewolf shows up in Denver, one who threatens to split the pack by challenging Kitty's authority at every turn. The timing could not be worse; Kitty needs all the allies she can muster to go against the ancient vampire, Roman, if she's to have any hope of defeating his Long Game. But there's more to this intruder than there seems, and Kitty must uncover the truth, fast.

Meanwhile, Cormac pursues an unknown entity wreaking havoc across Denver; and a vampire from the Order of St. Lazaurus tempts Rick with the means to transform his life forever.

My Review :

I have been following Kitty's story since it began. I actually can't believe that this is book #11! Where has the time gone? Has Kitty really been doing this so long? This is a question I asked myself while reading this latest release. Why? Well however amazing this series has been along the way I have to admit that it is starting to lose its appeal. Is there an end in site? What was really achieved in this book?

As stories go it was a nice one. There was quite a few things going on and it kept me interested to the end. However it doesn't feel like this book really got the general story any further along. If anything this book threw a few troubles Kitty way and stopped her from making any new progress. Every time she takes one step forward she may as well take two back. Will things ever slow down and get easy for Kitty?

I love the characters and concept and wouldn't be without it and actually would read as many books about Kitty as possible. Despite that I want to see things evolve. I also would like to see the story move along a few years. Even the pack and Kitty's family were saying the same thing in this book. I don't feel like the character has time to tell me anything more than a small piece of what is really going on.

Of course this series stays on my must read list and I will pre-order the next book. I can't stay away from Kitty and love the DJ werewolf. She has come a long way since the series started and it is always a pleasure to catch up with her. I just want her to catch a break and be able to settle down.

A must read for any fans of the series and a must read for anyone who hasn't yet been introduced to Kitty. Just make sure that you start this series at the beginning if you haven't met Kitty before. There is a lot of background story that you need to keep up with if you want to enjoy this series.

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