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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

61) Fall of Night by Rachel Caine

The Blurb :

Claire never thought she’d leave Morganville, but when she gets accepted into the graduate program at MIT, she can’t pass up the opportunity. Saying good-bye to her friends is bittersweet, especially since things are still raw and unsettled between Claire and her boyfriend, Shane.

Her new life at MIT is scary and exciting, but Morganville is never really far from Claire’s mind. Enrolled in a special advanced study program with Professor Irene Anderson, a former Morganville native, Claire is able to work on her machine, which is designed to cancel the mental abilities of vampires.

But when she begins testing her machine on live subjects, things quickly spiral out of control, and Claire starts to wonder whether leaving Morganville was the last mistake she’ll ever make...

My Thoughts :

The Fourteenth installment in the Morganville Vampires, Fall of Night, is a little different than the previous thirteen.  Mostly because it plays outside of Morganville.  Now the characters have been outside of the town before but this book is actually totally outside of the town with new characters and some interesting developments.  The story is told by Claire and Shane while they both end up finding out that life is just as dangerous outside of Morganville.

After all this time I feel like part of the gang.  I know everything there is to know about them and have been with them since Claire went to live at the Glass House all those years ago.  Actually for me it has been years but for Claire and the other occupants of Morganville it has only been a couple of years.  Those years have been action packed and full of vampires and this book is no different.

However this wasn't, in my honest opinion,  the best book so far.  It actually didn't rate very high in the ranks if I think back to all the adventures the gang has been through so far.  It was nice to be in another location and have Claire taken out of what has become her comfort zone but at the same time it all seemed a little to forced.  Having some new characters put in the mix made things interesting and the story opened up some new avenues that I hope will be a main feature in the next book.

The cliffhanger ending seems to suggest that the series could be coming to an end.  I wouldn't be upset if it did but on the other hand I don't think that it could be that easy to bring all of the loose ends together in one more book.  Some of the questions opened up in this book are hopefully going to get answered in part fifteen but I wouldn't be against having that spread out over another couple of books.

Any fans of the series will want to read this as soon as possible.  If you haven't already had the pleasure of visiting Morganville then it may just be time to take a trip and go see what all the fuss is about.  Don't be put off by the Young Adult tag.  The kids in this series have had to grow up quick and there isn't much childlike behaviour going on. If you know what I mean ;)

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Angels With Attitude Book Reviews said...

Love this series ! Can't wait to read this one !

Joelle @ http://angelswithattitudebookreviews-joelle.blogspot.com

Aurian said...

I have this series, I just have to find some reading time!