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Monday, May 20, 2013

66) Lunatic Revenge by Sharon Sala

The Blurb :

Do Tara and Flynn stand a ghost of a chance?

The bad guys are after a hidden fortune that belongs to Flynn O’Mara’s dying father—they think Tara can use her psychic powers to find it for them. She’ll need plenty of help from her spirit friends if she and Flynn are going to get out of this trouble alive.

My Thoughts :

I have been following the Lunatic Life Series since the beginning and have really enjoyed following Tara's life.  She has come a long way since the series started it is easy to forget that this is only the third book.  So much is always packed into an installment that sometimes it feels like you are reading three stories at once.  This is also the case in this newest addition.

The first part of the book deals mainly with Flynn and his father and then book moves onto another angle as a tonado hits the town.  By the end of the book the focus changes again and you wonder how anyone in the book can keep track of everything that is going on.  The story isn't complicated and this makes it easier to keep up with the amount of action.  Pieces are put together very quickly and the story moves along nicely without the tedious wait while characters explain themselves or just go to a party and so on.  There is no 'filling in' to make the book longer and it is actually a pleasure to get to business and just keep running.

I like the concept in this series and the ghosts and psychic abilities that come with it.  Tara is a likable character and she is slowly building up a nice support system of friends that now know some of what she is capable of.  How the series will continue is a mystery but I know I want to see things carry on and I will be along for the ride.  Despite being Yound Adult I don't find this to be too teenagy or over the top.  It just has a great story and is fast paced.

If you haven't tried this series yet then I can only highly suggest giving it a go.  If you have a young reader in your life then this may be one you can share.  If you don't, well there are some nice ghosts and psychic moments for you to enjoy even if you feel too old for this read.

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