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Monday, June 3, 2013

77) Kiss & Spell by Shanna Swendson

The Blurb :
With great power comes great danger...

When a freak accident leaves Katie Chandler with magical powers, it seems like a wish come true for the former magical immune. But it also means she's vulnerable to magic, just when the dangerous Elf Lord is cooking up another scheme in his bid for power. Anyone who gets in his way disappears--including Katie and her wizard boyfriend, Owen Palmer.

Now Katie's under a spell that obscures her true identity, living a life right out of a romantic comedy movie in a Hollywood set version of New York. Will she be able to find her true Mr. Right in time to break the spell with a kiss and warn everyone, or will she be trapped forever, unaware of the doom facing her world?

My Thoughts :

I have been following the Enchanted Inc series since forever! ;)  I can't remember why or how I came across this series but when no new books came out and Katie and Owen disappeared I was quiet worried.  Then last year I got a surprise when I saw that the author was continuing the series via e-book.  It was exciting news and I have been eagerly reading all the new episodes in this magical series.

Kiss & Spell is the seventh installment in the series and while it wasn't my favourite it was still a very good read.  Katie and Owen really seem to grow up in this book and finally see their relationship as one that can win over anything (like it hasn't already) and it is good to see them both so happy.

One of the things I like about this series is the New York location but this time around the book is a little off site.  Now this is great for the plot and made for great reading but it also meant that some of the characters I really like were missing for most of the book.  Sam, Rod and Merlin were missed and I would have liked to have seen them more.  Also Katie's family and room mates were no where to be seen this time around.

I feel that the ending spelt out the end of this series and if it did, well ok.  Although I have loved the magical New York setting and the strange and wonderful stories it does feel like the natural end of things.  Maybe the author will do a short story set in the future so we can catch up with the characters but really I am hoping she will put her talents to work on a new series.   Whatever comes next I will be keeping an eye out for more Shanna Swendson.  Super writing and wonderful characters all mixed up in a special world.

If you haven't yet had the pleasure of reading this series then I highly suggest you do!  There is something very memorable about these books and I never once felt lost or forgot what happened last time.  Even during the long break.  A fan of the series?  This is a must read!  Don't put it off!  If you don't have an e-reader then I feel for you.  However the Kindle app works on so many devices and it is worth installing and using it just to read the end of this Enchanting series!

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Diane said...

It's a cute series!

Aurian said...

It has been so long since I read the print books, I need to start re-reading before reading the new ones. I did enjoy it a lot.