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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

82) Carniepunk : Parlour Tricks by Jennifer Estep

The Blurb :

Come one! Come all! Witness Gin Blanco—aka the Elemental Assassin, aka the Spider—go toe to toe against the Esmerelda the Amazing's Wheel of Death and some dangerously creepy clowns! Only at The Carnival of Wondrous Wonders!

A free story from the forthcoming Carniepunk urban fantasy anthology starring bestselling authors Rachel Caine, Jennifer Estep, Kevin Hearne, Seanan McGuire, and Rob Thurman, and also includes Delilah S. Dawson, Kelly Gay, Mark Henry, Hillary Jacques, Jackie Kessler, Kelly Meding, Allison Pang, Nicole D. Peeler, and Jaye Wells. Samples of all fourteen tales are included to tantalize and to tease. Come to the Carniepunkmidway and explore the creepy, mysterious, magical world of traveling carnivals today!

My Thoughts :

Jennifer Estep is one of my all time favourite authors and I absolutely love her Elemental Assassin Series.  So when I saw this 'free' short story on Amazon from the upcoming Carniepunk anthology, well I just couldn't stop myself.

The story is great and anyone who knows the author and her work will know how amazing this series/author is.  If you don't then I suggest you give it all a try because you don't know what you are missing.  I won't go into the story plot because I would end up giving away the novella before you even get a chance to read the blurb.  However I will say that Gin and her sister Bria most likely never got to go to the Carnival together as kids but they make up for it now as adults!

If the rest of the stories inside Carniepunk are anywhere near the high standard that Parlour Tricks sets then this anthology just maybe worth a read.  The names of the authors who have submitted stories to the book reads like my wishlist/must read list and I have to say I am tempted to pre-order this book.  The blurbs included at the end of this 'free' (I say 'free' because for me it wasn't...as I am not in the US! Bah!) e-book are very very inticing!

Keep an eye out for the anthology when it comes out.  It looks very promising!  If you are a Kindle owner then go get this one asap and if you aren't then suck it up and read it on your PC, phone or other device.  It is after all just a short story but it is Gin Blanco good!

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