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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

87) Bled & Breakfast by Michelle Rowen

The Blurb :

Fledgling vampire Sarah Dearly knew what she was getting into when she married master vampire Thierry de Bennicoeur. As an agent of the Ring, Thierry is sent all over the world to solve vampire crimes and keep them secret from humans. And now Sarah’s on the job with him—for better or worse.

Right after their wedding in Las Vegas, Sarah and Thierry get their next assignment: Three vampires have gone missing in Salem, Massachusetts, and they need to find out why. Their contact in Salem turns out to be a local lothario with a penchant for witches, but before he can help them, he suddenly goes up in smoke—leaving behind nothing but a stain on the ground and a seemingly impossible mystery.

Did a witchy ex-mistress cast a deadly spell, or is there something even more sinister happening to the vampires of Salem? Getting to the truth may require raising the undead, with a little help from the owners of a vampire-friendly bed and breakfast. But uncovering Salem’s darkest secrets may drag some of Thierry’s own past into the light.

My Thoughts :

Although Michelle Rowen has a lot of books to her name I have to admit that I haven't really taken the time to read her work.  I believe I read at least one of her books (at least my Goodreads informs me so) but I can't really remember it.  I also know that I have a few of her books on my wishlist but why I haven't read them is a mystery to me because she really does write a good book.

I am not totally sure if I like Sarah and Thierry.  There is something a little too business like about their relationship and I am not totally feeling the love.  However their lives and the mysteries they have got involved in so far are well worth reading about.  I especially enjoyed this installment which was set in Salem. Of course, as expected from the location, there were witches involved but there was also some nice ghost elements attached as well.  The plot twisted and turned till the very end but I already had my suspicions of who was behind it all.

The writing style is nice and makes the story easy to follow.  There are some funny parts now and again to stop things from getting to serious and I found myself giggling on a few occasions.  It seems that the characters will move around in every book making them both the only people you really need to get to know but there were enough characters involved in this magical paranormal mystery to stop it from getting boring.

A paranormal cozy mystery is something I can't pass up on so I am happy this series has come along and has finally gotten me to pick up something by this author.  I quite enjoyed the first installment, Blood, Bath & Beyond and now I can add the sequel to my list.  It seems this is a series I was meant to read and I have started looking into this authors other work.  Which lead me to the discovery that there are more books about the characters from this series.  While these new installments are called the 'Immortality Bites Mysteries' there is also an 'Immortality Bites' series.

Well worth checking out if you already know this author.  If, like me, you haven't really had much to do with Michelle's work so far you may want to check this series out and take it from there.  I certainly have an interest in her other books.  Just a matter of making more time for reading ;)

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Aurian said...

I still have those books on my wishlist, and I thought you had read Blood Bath and Beyond or something similar sounding.