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Thursday, June 20, 2013

89) Final Cut by Lin Anderson

The Blurb :

"Where the hell had the kid found a human skull? McNab heard an intake of breath behind him as someone else made out the shape in the torchlight. A metre away now, McNab crouched on a level with the child. "Where did you find that, Emma?" he said softly. She stared at him. "I was lost. I heard them calling me.""

When Claire regains consciousness after a stranger causes her car to crash in a snowstorm, she is frantic to discover her nine-year-old daughter Emma missing from the back seat. Then Emma is found in the woods nearby, unharmed but cradling a child's skull. She claims it "called to her"--and she can hear another voice nearby.

Meanwhile, forensic scientist Rhona MacLeod is trying to discover the identity of a corpse found badly burned in a trash bin. The body is wearing a soldier's ID tag, but DNA tests show it's not him. When DS Michael McNab asks for her help identifying the remains Emma found, they discover the two cases are linked in ways they could never have imagined.

My Thoughts :

I discovered this author a long time ago when visiting a bookshop in Edinburgh.  My boyfriend pointed out the books and thought I would like them.  I wasn't sure because he had never suggested anything to me before and isn't a reader.  However the first three books were on offer so I took them.   Enjoyed them.  Kept reading them.  Now six books into the series I am a big fan but unfortunately I don't really get around to reading them very often.  So it was a shock to see that this particular book has been gathering dust on my shelf for a few years!

This new installment is everything I expected.  Bleak Scottish life and crime with murder and some nasty goings on.  The Forensic Scientist aspect is why I love these books but the plot and location are also good reasons to read this series.  There may not be any paranormal elements but this series is just fantastic.  I used to read a lot of mysteries but this one has really stuck with me all these years and keeps me coming back for more.  However belated.

If you like CSI, Bones and any of those kinds of TV programmes then you will love these books.  If you are a lover of things Scottish then you may want to give these a try.  I find the books to be honest, brutal and extremely addictive.  I read this book within a few hours because I just couldn't wait to see how things developed and ultimately what had really happened.  The ending was a little sad but it also made me eager to read the next book in the series sooner rather than later.  So expect a review of book seven soon!

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