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Thursday, July 18, 2013

102) Tarnished & Torn by Juliet Blackwell

The Blurb :

As the owner of a popular vintage clothing store, Lily Ivory can enjoy a day of antique jewelry shopping and still call it work. But as one of San Francisco’s resident witches, searching for hidden treasures can sometimes lead to dangerous discoveries… 

When Lily arrives at an antique jewelry fair, her bargain sensors go off left and right—but she also picks up a faint vibration of magic. Could the hard-bargaining merchant Griselda be a fellow practitioner? It certainly seems that way when a sudden fire sends panic through the crowd, and Lily discovers Griselda murdered in a way that nods to an old-fashioned witch hunt…

A crime that hits close to home turns into an unwelcome flash from the past when the police bring in their lead suspect—Lily’s estranged father. Though he may not deserve her help, Lily is determined to clear her father’s name and solve a murder that’s anything but crystal clear. 

My Thoughts :

Five books into the series and things are looking a little complicated this time around.  Lily is missing Sailor but doesn't want to think about it very much.  Her dad is in town and a witch gets killed old school style.  It isn't the best plot ever and this wasn't my favourite of the series but there were aspects of the story that made me smile and laugh.  There were moments I felt happy with the case and the way it was spreading out.  However there were also times where I wondered if the author has the way in regards to Lily and her life.

As things progress I start to find Lily a little annoying.  Her shop practically runs itself because she is always off somewhere and her magical abilities only come into focus when she really needs them.  This time around, despite the story being about a witch being killed, I still felt there was a lack of magic.  Even the little familiar Pig/gargoyle wasn't enough to stop me wanting more witchiness.  Somehow the magical subject this time around just didn't make enough impact for me.

The plot was good although it reached out quite wide at points.  Certain aspects were just too neat and easy for my liking and things fell into place fast and easily.  Or at least it felt like it to me.  Certain characters just happening to turn up when needed and everything being connected is a very normal cozy mystery attribute but this plot was too obvious somehow.  I do like this series a lot but this installment made me realise how much I prefer the authors other paranormal mystery series.  Her Haunted Home Renovation series is one I really love and definitely like the characters more than this one.  That doesn't mean I won't be visiting this series again because I will certainly be keeping up with Lily.  There aren't enough Paranormal Cozy mysteries out there and this one has quite a few good books under its belt.  This just wasn't my favourite.

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1 comment:

Aurian said...

Perhaps the lack of witchiness is felt also because there are more and very good paranormal cozy series out there, which we both love.
I have only read the first 3 but really want to read the rest as well.