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Friday, July 5, 2013

95) Pumped for Murder by Elaine Viets

The Blurb :

Helen Hawthorne and her new hubby Phil have opened their own P.I. agency and their very first client is Shelby, who thinks her husband is developing a killer body for another woman.

To keep track of the suspected cheater, Helen gets a dead-end job at Fantastic Fitness, where she has to pump iron to stay employed. Then the budding agency takes on a murder case, and Helen has to move her workouts to the early morning just to keep up. With so much weight on her aching shoulders, will Helen catch a killer-or just drop dead from exhaustion?

My Thoughts :

I am in a bit of a reading slump again and nothing seemed to be jumping out at me and saying 'read me' this last weekend. Well that isn't completely true but some review books just shouldn't be read too early :)  Anyway, in the end I turned to a series that is an old favourite of mine.  I am a little behind on the Dead-End Job Mysteries so this was a book that was really looking for my attention.  I always enjoy catching up with Helen and I was interested to see what was happening with her now she had got married.

The plot, as always, was great.  There were two main mysteries that needed solving this time around and another that Helen managed to get involved with by accident.  Three cases seems like a lot but the author managed to keep them all in check and I didn't get confused by the various bits and pieces of information and events.  I was hooked till the end and had fun trying to figure out exactly what was going on in all three cases.  I had some very good ideas about the suspects and what had happened but the author managed to surprise me and as Helen solved each case I was amazed by the final outcome.

The Dead-End job series was based on Helen having Dead-End jobs due to her situation.  Now that her situation has changed I wondered how the series could continue.  However the writer has done a good job, at least in this tenth installment, of still getting a Dead-End job involved in the book.  Also it seems Helen's past is still haunting her and I wonder how that will play out in the next couple of books.

This series is still going strong after 10 books and my interest in the characters and on-going plot hasn't faded one bit.  I am a couple of books behind in this series but I know I will be getting to them soon.  I can't wait to see what becomes of Helen, her new husband, her new business and of course the skeleton in the closet (or in this case church).  A great cozy series and a very special cozy writer who always weaves a mystery you won't forget!

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Aurian said...

Nice review, thank you. I think I have had this series on my wishlist for at least 5 years now ... so many books ...