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Friday, September 13, 2013

121) Quick Fix by Linda Grimes

The Blurb :

Ciel Halligan, an aura adaptor with a chameleon-like ability to step into the lives of her clients and fix their problems for them — as them — is working a job at the National Zoo with her boyfriend, Billy, and his ten-year-old sister, Molly. It's supposed to be a quick fix, giving her time to decide if it's wise to pursue the romantic relationship her charming scoundrel of a best friend wants, or if she should give Mark, the CIA spook she's crushed on since hormones first rattled her pubescent brain, a chance to step up to the plate.

Molly has already begun to show signs of being an adaptor herself. She's young for it, but she's always been precocious, so it's not impossible. What is impossible is her taking on the form of the baby orangutan she touches — adaptors can only project human auras. Until now, apparently. Worse, Molly is stuck in ape form. She can't change herself back.

Escaping from the zoo with their new baby orang, Ciel and Billy head for NYC and the only person they know can help: Ciel's brother James, a non-adaptor scientist who's determined to crack the aura adaptor genetic code. But when Billy winds up in jail, accused of attempted murder, Ciel begins to suspect Molly's unusual adapting ability is more than just a fluke. Who's been experimenting on Molly, and what do they hope to gain? And will Ciel survive to find out?

My Thoughts :

It feels like forever since I read the first book in this series, In a Fix.  The concept was fresh and new and I really liked a lot about the debut.  However the question was how the author planned on continuing things.  The first book introduced the reader to so many possibilties.  Human changlings could be used in so many different situations and for a lot of reasons.  So it was extremely interesting to find this second book staying in the States and playing things a little closer to home this time around.

I needed a few chapters to get used to the characters again.  The concept wasn't something I could forget but it took me a while to remember who was who.  It doesn't help that the characters can change themselves into each other but at some point things clicked into place and it stopped giving me a minor headache.  The idea of one of the changlings turning into an animal was a nice spin on things and it was a nice plot that opened out into an even nicer story that twisted and turned all the way till the end.  At some points complicated, I nearly did lose the plot but I was rewarded with a spectacular end to the mystery and an even better funny ending.

This is one of those series that I will definitely keep coming back to because it is original and very special.  It is also one I will keep reading due to the wonderful family and friends that all have their uses, annoyances and quirks.  It is a nice set of characters and they have fun.  Therefore I have fun.  I want to know what comes next and I am interested in what happens to this strange and wonderful family.  Ciel is a kick-ass leading lady and there isn't a shortage of guys to drool over.

So I eagerly await book number three.  I seriously hope there will be one!  I can't wait to see what Ciel gets involved with next and how her relationship with her family, friends and guy continues. If you are looking for something new and adventurous then you really need to try this series.  There isn't anything quite like it and the author has done a spectacular job bringing a unusal and intricate idea.

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