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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

131) An Open Spook by E.J. Copperman

The Blurb :

Haunted guesthouse owner Alison Kerby may have only recently discovered her ability to communicate with ghosts, but for her mother Loretta, it’s been a lifelong gift. As Alison prepares her Jersey Shore guesthouse for what promises to be a huge storm, Loretta helps out by tackling a different issue when the winds blow in an unexpected visitor: the ghost of Sgt. Robert Elliot. His request? Help him find the POW bracelet from the Vietnam War that bears his name. But no sooner does Elliot make his appeal than he suddenly disappears, cutting off contact, and leaving Loretta to wonder...why here? Why now? And why the vanishing act?

My Thoughts :

The Haunted Guesthouse Mysteries is a series I have been following since it first came out.  So when I saw this novella coming out I had to pre-order it.  I admit I wasn't too impressed by the previous novella but I hoped this one would be better.  It can't be easy to fit a story into a smaller format and I was interested to see if the author managed it this time around.

It became clear almost immediately that the author was going to do the novella justice this time around.  Her plot with a huge storm coming in and a ghost looking for a lost POW bracelet was not only interesting but educational.  However what clinched this one for me was that this time around the story was being told from the perspective of Alison's mother Loretta.  A nice twist and a big reason this story was a great read.

I won't go into the plot details because it will most definitely ruin this short story.  However I can say it is a nice addition to the series and really left me wanting more.  I can't wait for the next Haunted Guesthouse installment and look forward to another spooky mystery.

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Aurian said...

Another series on my wishlist since I read your first review years ago. Someday ...