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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

168) Eight Maids a' Missing by Jana Deleon

The Blurb :

When college student Lexie Clairmont is summoned to the sleepy gated community in the Louisiana Bayou where her melodramatic Aunt Sophia lives, she figures she’s in for more of the usual hysterics. But when she discovers that eight housemaids have disappeared without a trace, Lexie will have to play amateur detective to help her aunt get to the bottom of the pre-Christmas crisis. In a town where nothing is as it seems, Lexie’s investigation could land her smack-dab in the middle of very real danger. Will she uncover the truth before it’s too late?

My Thoughts :

Jana Deleon is a completely new author for me.  Reading through the blurbs of the Twelve Days of Killer Fiction, I decided to take a chance on this one because it sounded interesting.  I wasn't wrong!  I have now added a few more of Deleon's books to my reading list.

Well written with good interesting characters, this story wasn't hard to get into.  The location is fun and the plot was nicely thought out.  I managed to figure out what had happened quite early on in this short story but it was the how and why that kept me reading to the end.

This cozy mystery left me very excited about the rest of the authors work and I hope to try some of her other books soon.  Especially as she has one featuring ghosts.  Actually the first books in both of her series were very low priced/free on Kindle and have super reviews.  So if you are looking for a nice quick and fun read then give this one a try.  Maybe you will find a new author to add to your reading list for next year!

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Aurian said...

Nice review, glad you found a new author/series to enjoy.