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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

4) Plum Spooky by Janet Evanovich

The Blurb :

Just when Stephanie thinks her life can't get any more complicated, in walks the mysterious Diesel. A man who seems to show up at the most inconvenient moments. This time, he's the instigator for Stephanie's new adventure, which involves camping in the Pine Barrens with Lula, and perhaps even a sighting of the Jersey Devil...

My Thoughts :

I love the Stephanie Plum series!  They are guaranteed to make you laugh and the story is always good.  With so many books in the series there is always going to be one you love more than the others but there has never been an installment that I hated.  The constant indecision between Ranger and Morelli can be frustrating but Grandma Mazur and Lulu's antics more than make up for that!  How will Stephanie's car get destroyed this time? is always a question you need to ask yourself before reading each book and it is always fun to find out the answer.

So it is surprising that I had not yet read Plum Spooky, the between the novels book, that has been out for a good few years now.  The one main reason for me was the price.  Despite how much I love the series the cost of each new release in this series is becoming a little over the top.  Hardback maybe but a Kindle version that costs the same price as four normal kindle books is one that makes me stop and think about my book budget.  Finally that price has gone down and I snapped this one up the other week and couldn't wait to read it.

Everything that you could expect was in this story.  Ok, maybe not everything.  If you were expecting monkeys then you are on the right track but if you didn't think there would be animals involved you are going to get a surprise.  A great madcap adventure as always but I did think things were drawn out a little longer than necessary.  After the third time Stephanie searched the Pine Barrens I was ready to give up but the funny bits and  bobs here and there were too much to keep me away.

A must read for any Plum fans and one that could be read to introduce you to the series.  I actually thought this was a novella (another reason I was so reluctant to get a copy at that price) but it actually turned out to be a full length novel.  It could have been cut down to a novella but then we would have missed out on some fire farts and Easter Bunny moments.  That would have been sad.

I am glad I have finally read this one.  Now I can go back to the series knowing I haven't missed much in the on-going story.  Diesel's appearances are extra to the series and don't really seem to fit in to the big picture but do make things a little supernatural for a short time.  Which for any paranormal lovers is a nice twist.

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