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Saturday, February 8, 2014

10) Fury of the Demon by Diana Rowland

The Blurb :

Who can Kara Gillian trust?

That’s what she’d like to know. Demon summoner and now a consultant for the FBI, Kara Gillian has spent the past several months in the demon realm training while recovering from the treachery of the demonic lord Rhyzkahl. Yet though the torment and betrayal she suffered at his hands continues to plague her, she’s not about to let that slow her down.

Kara returns to Earth to search for a fellow summoner being held by allies of Rhyzkahl. Aiding in the hunt are Kara’s friends, FBI agents Ryan Kristoff and Zack Garner. However, Kara and Zack know Ryan’s true identity—though he himself does not—and questions of loyalty threaten to tear apart their previously close-knit group. Rhyzkahl’s machinations run deeper than they could have ever imagined, and the search for the missing summoner takes on a desperate edge while dangers from ancient demon oaths loom and enemies increase in power and numbers.

Armed with her skills, wit, and attitude, it is up to Kara to save her friends and her world.

The price of failure will be her soul.

My Thoughts :

Despite not enjoying the previous installment in this series I still pre-ordered this sixth book about Kara Gillian. Why? Because I am a huge fan of the series and the author.  I wanted to see where things went story wise.  Also there was the fact that I have grown quite attached to the characters and wasn't ready to let them go.  I hoped that this sixth addition would take things back to where they belonged.

The first few chapters had me worried.   The story takes off where we left Kara in the Demon Realm.  This was the last place I wanted the story to be based.  The last book was, in my opinion, not as good as it could have been because of the location.  Yes, the story needed to go there but I preferred the Detective, murder, mystery and human world that this series thrived in for the first four books.

So I did a little happy dance when after a couple of chapters the plot in this sixth book took Kara back to Earth.  It was nice to have the story back on home territory with the characters I have come to know and love.  It was also nice to have the characters from the Demon Realm come over too.  Actually with the amazing plot this book had it was just all round goodness and back to how things should be.

The usual dark and brutal demon filled storyline continues in this newest installment. Anyone who has been following the story will be happy to hear that quite a few questions get answered this time around.  There are some interesting twists and turns with some revelations that some of you, like myself, may have seen coming.  There is also the usual hint of humour here and there to keep the book from being too death and doom filled.

All in all this was a good addition to the series and I am happy with how things are progressing.  I am also happy that I kept with this series and did pre-order Fury of the Demon instead of waiting or even giving up.  Kara is a very special character and this series is unforgettable and unique.  I look forward to seeing what happens next and will keep pre-ordering this series because it is one of the better Paranormal Urban Fantasy series out there right now.

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Aurian said...

Great review Amber, thank you. I will have to pick up this series someday. I am glad the plot got better for you.

Unknown said...

I hope you get to it! There are still many series I still haven't got around to reading as well...