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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

16) For Whom the Spell Tolls by H.P. Mallory

The Blurb :

A war between The Resistance and the Netherworld,
A vampire who isn't all that he appears,
And the ultimate price that must be paid.

Dulcie O'Neil thought her luck couldn't get much worse but it's about to get a whole lot worse.

Forced into declaring war against the Netherworld and her father, Dulcie will find herself fighting for everything she believes in. In the process, she'll have to decide whether or not to trust a centuries old vampire, a decision which literally will mean life or death.

Luckily she's got hunky love interest, Knightley Vander, by her side but things get even stickier when she finds herself the subject of multiple men's affections.

My Thoughts :

This author caught my eye a while back and I finally got around to reading some of her work when I started this series, the Dulcie O'Neil series.  Now I have been following this one on Audible and despite the series already being over for a while now, it took some time before this sixth and final installment was available to listen to.  I would love to say it was worth the wait but I think that makes it sound like I loved this book.  Ok it was worth the wait because now it is over and done with but other than that I am not sure what to say about this final episode.

I will start by having a moan about the first half of the book.  It was slow and seemed to drag on forever!  The amount of sexual blah blah blah was overwhelmingly boring and the only thing that stopped me from fast forwarding through it all was because I thought I would miss something important.  What could have been important?  Well Dulcie would go off on tangents and slip in some interesting information.  So I felt I needed to put up with the slow start and keep an open mind.

The second half of the book was more action.  The end was near and it was time to find out how they would win (it was obvious they would....sorry if that spoiled it for you but seriously it was soooo obvious!) and who, if any, would lose their life in the process.  As expected it was very dramatic.  Maybe a little over the top and pulled together so everyone would live happily ever after.  Like a typical end of series book.

All in all I liked the series but definitely preferred the first few books to the last.  Dulcie was nice and her friends were nice when we got to see/hear them.  I thought Knightley was ok but I really enjoyed Bram.  He made things exciting and unpredictable.

Now I am looking forward to finally trying H.P. Mallory's other books.  I didn't want to start another of her series until I was finished with this one.  So hopefully I will have a chance to start one of them soon.  I think I have nearly all of the books saved somewhere or other.

If you like paranormal urban fantasy and don't mind when it gets a little hot and heavy then you will like this one.  You have fairy types, vampires and much more.  Lots of imagination has gone into the concept and it definitely is different.  Worth a try and definitely worth adding to your wishlist for a rainy day.

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Aurian said...

I do have this series on my wishlist, perhaps someday they will end up on my TBR.