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Monday, December 15, 2014

138) Shopaholic on Honeymoon by Sophie Kinsella

The Blurb :

The new Mr and Mrs Brandon are on honeymoon, and Becky has big plans! They’ve got a whole year to explore Venice, learn yoga in India, sleep in little wooden huts in South America… maybe even see penguins in the Arctic. And of course they’ll need to buy just a few essential souvenirs along the way (everyone needs a set of Murano glass goblets, after all).

They’re not just tourists, they’re travellers. Becky is sure it is just the thing that Luke needs – time to unwind. He’ll come back a changed man… with all the good bits still intact of course.

But it soon becomes clear that Luke has different plans entirely. Can Becky help him let go, or will this little disagreement threaten their whole honeymoon?

My Thoughts :

There isn't much to say about this novella.  A free Kindle version the author has released for the fans so they can find out what Becky and Luke did on their Honeymoon.

Short, somewhat sweet, this isn't as funny and amusing as the full length novels.  It was a nice quick read and it was good to be back in Becky's Shopaholic world but it isn't much to write about.

A definite must read for fans of the series and not a bad choice if you are looking for something short  to read.  As I mentioned this is a free e-book so there is no wasted money just a free story that follows the couple on a nice trip to Venice.

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Aurian said...

I haven't read any of these books, so not really tempted by this.