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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

145) The Cat, The Professor and the Poison by Leann Sweeney

The Blurb :

Between her kitty quilt-making business and her three beloved cats, Jill has her hands full. That doesn't stop her from wanting to solve the mystery of the milk cow that's gone missing from her friend's farm. But imagine her surprise when a stolen cow leads to the discovery of fifty stray cats and one dead body-a victim of cold-blooded murder...

My Thoughts :

I am seriously loving this series!  Only two books into the series and I can't get enough.  I am a huge cat lover so the concept is just wonderful and I adore all the kitty information the author slips in.  I am also quite jealous of Jill's Kittycam!  I want!!

The mystery this time around was well thought out and interesting.  Lots of twists and turns kept me guessing right to the very end.  There were some great new characters added to the series and I look forward to getting to know them better.  I find the location to be very quaint but full of so many diverse people that this series will definitely keep being one to read!

I am actually listening to this series and I can highly recommend going this route if you like audios.  The narrator does a great job of bringing the characters to life and has a nice voice.  I will continue to listen to the series via Audible and I am very tempted to use this months credits on the next two books in the series.

Well worth trying if you like cozies and a definite must read for cat lovers.  I am going to enjoy catching up with this series!

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Aurian said...

I do love this series (and author) as well Amber. Glad you are enjoying it too. I still need to read the last book.