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Friday, December 12, 2014

Currently Reading & To Be Read

I know it has been quiet over here but it is the season to be busy and tired.  I am reading and will have some new reviews to post over the weekend.  You can all take bets on if I will meet my reading goal this year.  I am five books behind (according to Goodreads) and I need another 14 books before the end of the year to meet my 150 book goal.

Currently Listening to :

It feels like I have been waiting for this book for ages.  I was so sure it was releasing in Summer but nobody had it.  Then it suddenly appeared a few weeks ago and I quickly headed over to Audible for a copy.

This is an amazing British Paranormal humourous series and I absolutely love listening to this one.  This time around there isn't much going on in London and Peter is out getting muddy in some small villages but it is still turning out to be a great story with some interesting happenings.

If you haven't tried this series then you really need to start from the beginning because this is one that needs to be read in order.  Well worth trying out and definitely one to add to your Christmas wishlist!

Currently Reading :

This series is one of my favourites and despite it being a little sci-fi, which isn't my thing, it is a subtle little twist in the whole concept that I sometimes forget that this one is set in the future.

The characters are like old friends and the plot is always interesting and compelling.  The series is original, unusual and is for me, a must read.

I am about halfway through with this one but haven't had a chance to curl back up with it since Monday which was a Bank Holiday here.  I intend on finishing it off over the weekend and can't wait to see what happens!

The Dreaded 'To Be Read' Pile :

There are a few books on this list that are ARC's I need to read and review but because they don't release for another couple of months/weeks.

Anyone paying attention will notice that this list has gotten longer and most of the books from last time are still on here.  I am a naughty person and keep reading the new stuff and neglecting the old stuff!

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