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Saturday, March 7, 2015

28) Stormwalker by Allyson James

The Blurb :

Half-Navajo Janet Begay possesses extraordinary power which is tied to the storms that waft across the desert. The only person who can control her when she's caught in the storm's evocative power is Mick, a dark-haired, blue-eyed biker Janet can't seem to touch with her powers. He can wield fire and not get burned, and Janet's never sure where he goes when they're not together.

Together they investigate mysterious disappearances, which Janet fears are tied to her mother's people, the mythical gods from below the earth. They are helped along the way by Coyote and Crow, but these shapeshifting gods have their own agendas.

My Thoughts :

I shouldn't be starting a new series when I have so many other ones to catch up on.  However one of my goals this year is to read more of my dusty paperbacks.  Stormwalker has been sitting on my shelf for a while now and is one of those books I really really wanted to try and have been recommended on so many occasions.  So I finally picked it up.

It seems I am extremely late to the party that is the Stormwalker series.  This may just be the first installment but it has so much potential and energy that the other books in the series have to be great reads too.  No one can write such an electric and unusual story and not continue to keep it that fresh and satisfying.  Stormwalker has some interesting twists and turns as well as some very nice paranormal/fantasy aspects.  A great storyline backed up by some strong characters.

At first I thought I was reading the second or even sixth book in the series.  The author doesn't take any time to do a meet and great.  She throws you straight in and doesn't let you take a breath till the very end.  Facts are just added along the way and references to things in the past are made as if the reader should know what they mean.    It was confusing and slightly off putting at first but once things got going I was happy I didn't give up.

So it looks like I have another series to add to the ever growing list.  I was thinking of trying this one on Audible but only the fourth book in the series is available.  I doubt I will be playing catch-up anytime soon but I will try and get at least one more book in this series read this year.  I have way too many other books to read to get pulled into this series.  However good it may be!

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