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Saturday, April 11, 2015

43) Spackled and Spooked by Jennie Bentley

The Blurb :

Avery Baker and her boyfriend, Derek Ellis, are flipping a seriously stigmatized house rumored to have ghosts. Soon they'll have even bigger problems-and this renovation project might haunt them forever.

My Thoughts :

I actually read this book last weekend but for some reason I totally forgot to write my review.  So better late than never and all that ;)

The Do-It-Yourself Mysteries is a series I started reading back in 2011 and only got as far as the first book.  Since then some of the other books in the series have been on my Kindle/wishlist waiting for some attention and over the Easter weekend I finally got around to this second installment.

I was worried about going back to the series after such a long break and also if I would still like the series.  I remember enjoying the first book but after all this time there is the chance that my tastes have changed or I was mixing up my memories with another series.   Well I didn't remember much about the main characters but within a few chapters I knew all I needed to know.  They were lovely people who were enjoying their jobs and lives.  The discovery of a dead body was just a spanner in the works and the sleuthing began!

This turned out to be a great read and a super cozy mystery.  I enjoyed it and loved the renovation aspect. The characters are really easy to like and the location is definitely a place I would love to visit.  The plot flowed nicely and even though I thought it was pretty obvious who the murderer was, it was a worthwhile read to follow the story to the end.

It is a shame that it took me so long to go back to this series and it is only because of a a reading goal I have set myself that this series has been picked back up again.  So I am going to read the next part straight away so I can catch up a little more.  After all there are seven books in the series and this is only number two!

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Aurian said...

Nice cover, good characters good mystery, I am adding this to my wishlist.