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Monday, May 4, 2015

Currently Reading & To Be Read

I didn't have much time to read last week so there was a huge lack of posts and reviews.  Apologies!  Sometimes there just isn't time to read and remember this blog is more of a hobby than anything else ;)

Last time I posted my Currently Reading list I had three books on the go.  One of them was Dayshift by Charlaine Harris which hasn't gotten any attention and will definitely go back on the to be read pile until the Audio version releases.  I just can't get into the ARC I received!  Sorry!

Currently Listening to :

I am really enjoying this series by Melissa F.Olson and believe this is the third and final part about Scarlett Bernhard.  Another series by the same author based in the same world is now out and I really want to listen to this one because I really want to try the new one ;)

This is a great PUF series with a great set of characters and some original ideas.  Well worth listening to if you like audios but I am sure reading this series will be just as rewarding.

Looking foward to finishing this and hope to get it finished before Dayshift comes out so I can squeeze that in before the new Charley Davidson (a MUST LISTEN) releases in a couple of weeks!

Currently Reading :

One of my reading challenges this year is to catch on the series I have been neglecting over the last few years.  The Do-It-Yourself mysteries are one of those series.

I have been busy with this series over the last month and managed to get books two and three read in April.  Now I am reading book four and enjoying it a lot.  It is just so easy and well written.  The characters are nice and the location appealing.  The concept is interesting and I find myself on google searching for lots of information due to this series.  I am actually learning something ;)

The series is already over so I am really intent on getting the rest of the series read before the year is over.  Actually before Summer is over if I can manage it!

The Dreaded 'To Be Read' Pile :

Not a lot has been happening to this pile lately.  I hope that there will be some changes over the next couple of weeks!

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