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Saturday, June 13, 2015

63) Sell-by Date by Melissa F. Olson

The Blurb :

This prequel story takes you back to the first meeting between Scarlett and fan favorite Molly, a vampire with a complicated past and an even more complicated motive for inviting Scarlett into her home. Here, for the first time, read the story of Molly and Scarlett's first meeting - from Molly's point of view.

My Thoughts :

The blurb basically says it all.  There isn't much more that can be said about this short story except that any fans of the series will enjoy it.

I always liked Molly and it would have been nice to see her get her own series but I guess this is all we are going to get.  The story is nice enough but it could have been longer and gave some more Molly history but as prequels go this was a good one.

Well worth checking out if you have already read the series or if you haven't tried it yet.  The Old World isn't well defined and explained in this short story but there is enough in there to get you intrigued.

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