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Saturday, June 20, 2015

65) Flipped Out by Jennie Bentley

The Blurb :

Avery and her hunky handyman boyfriend are renovating a house belonging to a local news anchor who's thrilled to be filmed as part of a home renovation show. But cable television fame proves fleeting when the man is murdered and Avery faces the task of nailing the killer. Fast.

My Thoughts :

This series on my list of series I need to catch up with/finish.  Seeing as there are only seven books in the series I think I am doing well with my goal because this is book five!  I actually plan on finishing the series off within the next month so I can cross it off my list.

Now it may sound like I am pushing or forcing myself to complete the goal I set myself but to be honest I am really enjoying the series and can't wait to read the final two books.  It will be sad to see things come to an end but I hope the series ends in a good way.

This fifth installment was just as good as the previous books.  Great characters and location with a well thought out mystery.  The theme is always the same with Avery and Derek 'flipping' a house.  However this time they are taking part in a TV series and the renovation and decoration has to be done in record time.

There may not have been as much location candy this time and there also wasn't much history to delve into but the story was good and I enjoyed getting to meet some different characters.  I was also happy to see some of the regular characters making some progress in their relationships.  So the on-going story made some progress.

What else can I say?  The series is definitely worth checking out if you like cozies.  Home improvement aside this is a great series mostly because of the characters and location.  The theme just makes things more interesting even if all that DIY stuff isn't your thing.

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