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Saturday, August 22, 2015

84) Whiskey, You're the Devil by Liliana Hart

The Blurb :

Things are looking up for Addison Holmes. She's about to take her P.I. exams, she's living in sin with the man of her dreams, and she hasn't had a phone call from her mother in three whole days. But she should have known things were too good to last.

When Rosemarie Valentine's fingerprints are found on the murder weapon used to kill a sex shop owner, it's up to Addison and the gang to clear her name before Rosemarie is thrown in the pokey with no hope of getting out again.

With the help of Nick, Savage, Kate, and Addison's mom and sister, what could possibly go wrong?

My Thoughts :

I listened to this series a while back but the newest installment wasn't available on Audio yet.  I kept looking for it and kept looking for it and now a year after the release an audio version has finally appeared and I couldn't wait to listen to it.  It may not have been totally worth the wait but it was a fun listen and a nice installment.  It also seems to be the last.

Despite the story being a little too quick at times and the conclusion of the mystery being a little bleh, I have to admit that this series is just hilarious.  Think Stephanie Plum but without things blowing up all the time.  Addison is sassy and funny with some interesting ideas on how everything should work.  I really like her and the weird and wonderful family and friends.

The audio version is well read but I think the narrator sounds too old to be Addison.  She does however make the story nice to listen to and brings the story to life.  I enjoyed this fourth book mainly because of the audio version and doubt I would have bothered with this series if I had read another version.  Sometimes narrators just make the series better.

If you have already started listening to this series then you will be happy to see this fourth installment finally available.  If you haven't tried the series at all then I can only highly recommend the audible over the physical version.  A nice fun series and I hope there will at least be one more.  The ending made it sound like there could be another book but on the other hand it could also end on that note.

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